So, I and a photography client. . . are at a local hotel sitted with our bottles of drinks at the table. We are having a chat, as usual. . .My ears are wide open like a DSTV antenna, taking notes at the back of my Medula oblangata…🧠

I stare at her phone for a bit. On Mueni’s phone notebook. I’m thinking about Fahad now because I’m too tired, to be honest. I make a mental note to Google the guy. Surely, he must have done something with his life. . .

“Digital or online learning is not about taking the ‘classroom’ to a multimedia or digital platform… a whole experience suitable for independent, self-monitored, practical and engaged learning.” Faraja Nyalandu ~ Founder & ED, Shule Direct.

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Let’s get it rolling…

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You will curl up like a fetus, your mouth half open, sleeping the way you have always slept since you were a baby.

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No one wants to feel these things. Even though we now know we are less to blame for how terrible we feel (because it’s our brain’s fault)…

Is Marital Rape applicable under Tanzanian Laws or is it still a myth?

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The Respondent has without delay of a single day, filed an appeal to the Court Of Appeal Tanzania and the bail battle is seemingly far from over!

High Court Tanzania

In the High Court of Tanzania, 18th May 2020

The High Court of Tanzania at Dar es Salaam, in the matter between DICKSON PAULO SANGA v. …

Picture this 👇

It’s 10 years from now.

You’re married💍, nice home, great job.🏡…💳

He confessed to me that since marriage is love and that love is blind, it is therefore an institution for blind blokes….

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Mark Malekela

Law Student • Writer ✍ • I craft my stories for you; to share with u some insight and knowledge. 🇹🇿

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