When Alcohol is swaying that important person from you

- making you unsettled and uncomfortable

The week has just started. There is a lot of work for your personal development as a youth and you can’t wait to get on with it.

You take your time to be optimistic and focused on the training you are participating in one of the North-eastern cold regions in the United Republic.

The training programme is giving you the best you could ever want at youthful moments and you’re really grateful for it.

It is dinner time and you walk up to the University canteen for your dinner. You pass the entrance door up to the table on the left far-end corner of the canteen.

You take your sit and stay in wait for the service as you scroll on your smartphone.

As he passes close to your table, you immediately recall his name and your instinct was right.

You know him.

You are now sure it is him – Jerry, the kind and close fellow you knew back then in primary school.

As he moves two steps close to your table, he notices you too. Astonished enough, he stops and keeps a stunned glance on you before you both shout out your names out of joy.

Jerry!!!” you say aloud.

My friend!!” he says, with a wide smile and a heavy laughter out of joy.

Jerry was a good and very close friend of yours. A kind and gentle human to get along with.

You grew apart for some years because of school and suddenly, you ended up bumping into each other in this local University canteen.

And so, you exchange greetings and a few stories of your past and recent experiences, which make both of you very excited.

You ask him to join you on the table as you call the waiter and you both order heavy meals and drinks for the evening.

However, the order stuns you a bit.

You have ordered a cold Pepsi and Jerry has ordered bottles of Kilimanjaro beer which is a bit unusual from how you knew him back then. You are not used to seeing Jerry using alcohol.

In fact, he wasn’t a drinker and didn’t like it either.

You decide to chill first and focus on the moment as the waiter takes a turn back to the counter and the two of you make up stories as you wait for your meals and drinks.

After a couple of minutes, your order is ready and the waiter serves you with your ordered meals and drinks.

Getting to know the fact that Jerry has been an excessive user of alcohol from your conversations leaves you with a lot of questions in mind.

Why do you use beer these days Jerry? . . . What happened?” you ask, inquisitively.

Well, life has changed my friend.” he says.

Oooh! I see . . . but why the change to alcohol? You didn’t like it back then.” You ask.

Enhee. . .

Truthfully, my mother died three years ago. It depressed me to the maximum and I turned out to be a cruel and arrogant young man. Alcohol is my only hope for relaxation.” He says as you keenly and emphatically listen to him.

I’m totally in ruins and alcohol is my only hope. I can hardly support myself. This (as he points on his beer on the table) is my only hope. It’s my comfort zone.” He continues.

Oooh! Pole (sorry) for everything Jerry. But to say the least, alcohol won’t do you any good. I feel like I am starting to lose you and I wouldn’t like that to happen.” You say, emphatically!

Never mind my friend! Thank you for caring, hopefully I might stop someday.” he says.

You hope so too!

You then keep on chatting about this and that — but what you come to realize is that, one of your important friends is being swayed by alcohol.

He considers it to be an immediate solution to his problems but it is much of a false belief to say the least.

Finding out that alcohol is swaying him makes you unsettled and uncomfortable.

It happens to most youths in the current age most especially because we are a depressed generation hiding behind memes, emoji and fake smiles - [If you know, then you know].

At the bottom of it all, you decide to keenly advise Jerry to meet a psychologist under your support, to talk to you and frequently get close to people.

Without forgetting, you agree on a gradual alcohol abstinence plan and you hope for the better – that you don’t totally lose him.

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