When you unknowingly send an endearing text to the Second Master —

It is your part to ensure that the choices you make contribute to good health and to your life goals.” – Anonymous

You are in a special public school on the outskirts of a region without an ocean.

It is the first week of the last month before A-level national examinations, what we normally call “Necta.”

Virtually, everyone in our classroom is jovial. For fellows like Sonie, nothing is pleasing to him for he is in distress and fear of what might happen to him after noticing that he was chatting with a Second Master and not her girlfriend.

You have just completed your pre-Necta exam and it is two days after the exams; you are off mood. You and the rest of your classmates want to relax a bit. You want to enjoy a change of scene after long hours of studying and revising for exams.

Your friend - Kibwengo has called you in his dormitory to make stories and exchange fantasies together. In such moments, there is no way to say no to calls for stories and having fun as they help in reducing stress from school work and tough exams that lead you to exam phobia.

You find Kibwengo in his dormitory with a couple of colleagues as he sips a bottle of energy drink.

He is on a long –flat table and you are invited to take a seat in one of the empty chairs. You say ‘hi’ to his crowd and join up the stories and fantasies that pop up.

As you make stories, there comes a funny scenario about Sonie with Mr Karubandika – the Second Master of a neighbouring girls’ special school in your town.

As the story unfolds, you come to realize that Sonie had mistakenly texted Mr Karubandika,

Baby, how are you doing?

Thinking that he is chatting with her girlfriend, (call her Rebecca), who is reported to be suspended from school out of in disciplinary issues.

Indeed, you all start to laugh aloud at him!

All this happened because; Rebecca had a phone at school and used it to chat with her boyfriend, Sonie.

As Sonie started his pre-Necta exams, Rebecca was caught red-handed by Mr Karubandika in possession of a phone, which is illegal in school. She was suspended and the phone remained ‘on’ with Mr Karubandika.

Without knowing what is going on, Sonie checks on his girlfriend with an endearing text, “Baby, how are you doing?” and he gets a stunning reply, “Baby hayupo nimempa suspension kwa kumiliki simu.” That is to mean, “Baby is not present, and I have suspended her for possessing a phone – at school.” (Emphasis added).

The reply leaves Sonie in great shock to the point of dropping his illegal possession on the floor. (Kabaaaam! baaam!)

Ten minutes after the story is unfolded, you all start to make jocular comments towards Mnyasenga. Everyone at the table, almost in unison, jokingly shouts:

Hey, Sonie, the police are after you, we have just seen a police officer earlier this evening at the T.O.D’s Office.

The joke leaves Sonie in perplexity and distress as you all laugh aloud at him.

You quickly get a bottle of cold water and poor it on Sonie’s head to get him back to normal.

Hey, Sonie, usiwaze (don‟t think too much)…ila ujue tu polisi wanakuja tena wakisindikizwa na Mr Karubandika. Unaendekeza mapenzi shuleni? Ha ha ha!

(Just know the police are coming for you and again accompanied by Mr Karubandika. You are entertaining romance in school? Ha ha ha!).” you say, in account of making him to understand that the consequences of his action are unbearable.

Aaaiiish! Nishafeli mazee! ”says Sonie in a slurring voice. You all burst into heavy laughter and continue to mock him with showers of jocular comments.

The crux of this story is that as relationships become challenging in the contemporary world, young men and women attempt to any means available to maintain their relationships however risky they may be.

Having physical and emotional feelings, love, attraction and desire for someone is a natural phenomenon. That is how we all start out.

However, in my perspective, I find it best for youths to start and maintain love relationships when they are mentally, emotionally and physically ready – knowing the facts, risks and responsibilities; and being able to make choices that are healthy and safe. Any potential mistakes and foul actions can deter their prolific romantic relationships.

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Japhet Seni |Davidemmanuel |Anthony Moore |

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